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UP series double jaw grab
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UP series double jaw grab

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   UP series double jaw grab sent with novel design, reasonable structure, weight and weight of grab grab materials to reach more than 1.5~1. 92, with up to 9 5%~100% is the minimum size of loose material ideal grab. Compared with the ordinary four rope grab traditional has the following characteristics: the frame is shortened, good strength, light weight: Wang to the hinge point of the village set made of bearing steel. Prolong the service life of 4~ 5 times, the blade plate adopts special wear-resistant plate, enhances the impact and friction of pulley with sealing technology, dustproof and waterproof, can work under water table, blade gap is small, can reach 0.3mm. IMM can keep the workplace clean, the overall structure is not easy to deform well, this type can be designed for double rope grab.