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The electric motor grab
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The electric motor grab

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   The electric motor grab is often used in all kinds of multi-purpose crane grab on with its own opening and closing mechanism, can be in any height of material handling. Productivity is higher than that of single rope grab, use convenient. High efficiency of loading and unloading hanging down. Applicable to grab all kinds of loose. Use the grab according to the lifting height of cable reel energy transfer.
   Notice: the grab can not operate under water.
   The working principle of Electric Motor Grab
Electric motor grab with closing mechanism, its style, our company is the electric hoist standard to grab as the opening and closing mechanism. The motor can be regarded as the closed grab to grab up reel. Because the motor grab when closed no longer like four rope grab like closed rope pull up, grab the weight of all play a role in mining, because the ability to crawl, the most suitable for grasping the ore difficult to grasp the material.