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European electric hoist
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European electric hoist

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Details Product Attributes
1 a high degree of small, can reduce the height of the crane plant. Because of the mechanical structure and drive mechanism through different arrangement by high speed motor and hardened gear system to small size, can be called low clearance.
2 light weight, can reduce the weight of the plant.
3 limit is small, can increase the crane's working space.
4 reducer adopts the Hardened reducer, effectively improve the service life of the machine.
5 running gear reducer adopts the hardened three one geared motor, compact layout, stable operation.
6 use of forged wheels, boring machine assembly, high assembly precision, long service life.
7 the use of steel roll drum, improve the strength and service life of the drum.
8 a large number of machine processing equipment, the whole process, the structure deformation is small, the assembly precision is high.
9 the main end beam is connected with the high strength bolt assembly, the assembly precision is high, the transportation is convenient.
10 reducer, drums, couplings and other parts of the overhaul period maintenance free.
11 electrical control is relatively stable, that is, the frequency conversion control technology and feedback system, the so-called anti swing