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Electric hydraulic grab
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Electric hydraulic grab

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 Electric hydraulic grab is a kind of built-in motor, hydraulic pump, hydraulic system, grab and by an external power supply to achieve the opening and closing of the driver. To control the open and close grab grab on reversible motor or hydraulic reversing valve. Electric hydraulic grab is an effective tool in the handling of bulk sand, coal, ore, ore, cement etc. in various harsh environments. Grab with hydraulic system, hydraulic system, valve seal, valve block and other major components are of European and American brands. Hydraulic pump with constant power pump, and the use of hydraulic servo system, the system pressure change can effectively control the output of the pump. When the maximum pressure, the pump flow rate is extremely low, thereby greatly reducing the overflow, reduce energy consumption, reduce the oil temperature, continuous work to use long time, greatly improving the efficiency of production. With simple structure, convenient operation, and can work in harsh environment. Jaw valve curve unique especially for all kinds of bulk cargo handling, grab has cable interface, convenient connection and crane.
Electric hydraulic grab according to its structure is mainly divided into the following categories: 1) electric hydraulic grab; 2) electric hydraulic grab; 3) electric hydraulic grab wood; 4) rectangular electric hydraulic grab; 5) electric hydraulic grab straw.
1) electric hydraulic grab: mainly with single hook crane for handling of bulk cargo, commonly used in ships, dock etc..
2) electric hydraulic grab: mainly with single hook grab crane used for garbage, scrap and other materials commonly used in environmental protection, power plants, steel mills etc..
3) electric hydraulic timber grab: mainly with single hook crane for loading and unloading of logs, commonly used in the timber yard and dock.
4) electric hydraulic grab: rectangular mainly with single hook crane used for channel cleaning garbage, or for handling train compartments of scrap steel etc..
5) electric hydraulic grab: straw mainly with single hook crane for loading and unloading stacking trapped tied straw, used in green plants.