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overhead crane parts assembly 3D presentation
Category:Dynamics    2017-08-09 16:33
Overhead cranes are one of the most frequently used material handling equipment used in various application environment. overhead crane supplier China Due to the wide application of overhead cranes, the quality of overhead crane parts or components are also the concern of overhead crane buyers and purchasers. Generally, overhead crane is consisted of lifting system, controlling system and crane frame, etc. The overhead crane assembling video can be divided into two parts, the former mainly present the assembling of Chinese traditional overhead crane and the latter part presents the assembly of European style overhead crane assemble, which refers to the assembling of overhead cranes manufactured according FEM standards, etc. Dongqi Crane hope the 3D presentation of overhead crane parts assembling video is useful to you.The overhead crane parts and components are mainly including hoist, trolley frame, bridge girder, bridge idler wheel, end truck, end truck bumper, runway rail, runway beam, bridge drive wheel, bridge drive, pendant/conductor track, hook block, wire rope, trolley pestoon, pendant, pendant festoon, pendant cable, radio control, pendant festoon, down shop conductors, etc. How crane parts are assembled?In the video below, Dongqi Crane will show you how an overhead crane is assembled. 

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