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Explosion proof electric bridge crane
Category:Dynamics    2017-07-13 17:11
It would be a big project for the oil and chemical. It would be hard only depend on the human labor to get them done. Now with the popularity of various crane from overhead crane supplier China, we can save our energy and time for these hard project.
Explosion proof overhead traveling crane, coming from zhcrane, plays an important role in the installation and maintenance for large units in oil refining and chemical plant. One of my friends works in Pakistan now for the chemical project and he told me that they have to rely on the crane for work every day. Therefore, the installation quality of the electric equipment of the bridge crane is good or bad, which has a very important influence on the normal use of the crane when we get them from China gantry crane manufacturer. What’s more, for bridge crane, its transporting equipment weight with the maximum weight were selected, the electrical equipment and power protection and control parameters according to the lifting weight of the size of the configuration, but also should be consistent with the level of explosion-proof environments.
Safety would be put in the first role when we get them work for us and high quality hydraulic lifting platform would be the most important thing in the whole process.