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Parks restore with overhead crane
Category:Dynamics    2017-06-12 15:40
Environmental problem was be paid high attention to recent years. Now one of my friends told me last night that after nearly a year of planning and overcoming several obstacles along the way, he can finally get their part project done and this would become reality for the parks restore with the help of overhead crane supplier China.
First of all, we know that we should begin clear the mainland of the park which is referred to as a pleasant park. On Saturday morning, we all gather here together to help the friend for moving some trees and stones here in order to have a wonderful view of the scenery. Finally, we find we are out compared with various cranes from China gantry crane manufacturer. You can image we have to take one or two hour in order to get the stone off. However, the overhead crane can solve this problem within one minute and this is the difference. Under this situation, we would know that we can save time and energy once we use the crane for park’s restore. An overhead crane was used Tuesday to transport equipment and trees across the water, in order to be placed and planted.
The Friends group has additional upgrades they are considering helping with in the park if funds become available. One of the potential future upgrade projects is the smaller island across the street with the high quality hydraulic lifting platform